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TRUST | Kit of Educational Materials for EDTT Training Course (IO3)

TRUST - Destructive Testing Technician project aims at designing and developing a new qualification: the European Destructive Testing Technician.

This Kit contains materials for the implementation of the European Destructive Testing Technician (EDTT) training course, accessible both to trainers/teachers and trainees/students to facilitate the teaching and learning processes. It includes a Handbook with training materials and innovative assessment tools as well as practical exercises to allow trainees/students an active learning environment, rooted on a learner-centered approach. The training materials, exercises and assessment tools were created to be fully aligned with the Destructive Testing (DT) field and ensure that trainees/students enrolled in the EDTT training course have the opportunity to solve problems that professionals working on DT face on a daily basis, hence better preparing them to address those issues in real life.

The practical exercises were, also, translated to partners' national languages (PT, IT, PL, and RO), to ensure their application at national level when implementing the EDTT training course. This IO has two versions: one confidential and one public. The public version is available on the following languages: EN, PT, PL, IT and RO.

◉ TRUST Templates: Powerpoint - Word
◉ TRUST Guidelines for PowerPoint Development: Example #1 - Example #2 - Example #3
◉ TRUST Annex A Reports Templates: Hardness Form - Mechanical Tests
◉ TRUST Educational KIT Structure: Kit of Education Materials for EDTT Training Course - (ITA - RO - PL - PT)