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TRUST | Development of RPL Tools (IO5)

TRUST - Destructive Testing Technician project aims at designing and developing a new qualification: the European Destructive Testing Technician.

The TRUST Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process for the European Destructive Testing Technician Qualification provides access to all professionals involved in the sector but with no qualification or seeking upskilling through C-VET, the opportunity to access a proper qualification, thus promoting the safety and quality of their work and fostering applicants' employment and mobility prospects.

These tools were developed based on prior projects' outcomes and adapted to the context of the TRUST project. This IO provides detailed information about the RPL process and the tools that will be part of the procedures, including interviews to applicants, practical exercises and demonstrations for skills' and competences' validation. This IO is available on the following languages: EN, PT, PL, IT and RO.

◉ TRUST IO5 Harmonised Recognition of Prior Learning Scheme for the European Destructive Testing Technician: TRUST IO5 File - (ITA - RO - PT - PL)
◉ TRUST IO5 Report on the feedback obtained on the Recognition of Prior Learning Pilots: TRUST IO5 Complement