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TRUST | European Guideline for Implementation of EDTT Profile Curricula (IO4)

TRUST - Destructive Testing Technician project aims at designing and developing a new qualification: the European Destructive Testing Technician.

This Guideline aims to foster the harmonized implementation of the European Destructive Testing Technician (EDTT) Qualification at European level by providing guidance information on how to implement the EDTT Profile Curricula (IO2), the Training Materials and the Assessment Procedures (IO3). This Guideline includes information on the EDTT Qualification's access conditions, assessment requirements and possible pathways, including a scheme for the Recognition of Prior Learning (IO5).

Also, this Guideline provides an open path to the development of Work-Based Learning (WBL) by trainees/students as a recommendation for the acquisition of practical skills and competences, addressing issues related to skills mismatches, identifying which EDTT Curricula Competence Units can be carried out via WBL. This IO has two versions: one confidential and one public. The public version is available on the following languages: EN, PT, PL, IT and RO.

◉ TRUST IO4 European Guideline for Implementation: TRUST IO4 Report - (ITA - PT - RO - PL)