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TRUST | Report on Co-Creation Workshop (IO1)

TRUST - Destructive Testing Technician project aims at designing and developing a new qualification: the European Destructive Testing Technician.

This Report is based on the inputs provided by VET and Industry representatives with expertise in Destructive Testing (DT), in two specific moments: on a Co-Creation Workshop and through a survey prepared by the TRUST consortium where additional inputs from partners’ networks connected with DT sector were collected.

Also, it includes a comparative analysis between partners' countries (Belgium, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania) regarding their National Qualifications Frameworks (NQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) to determine the current state of play of the NQF implementation at national level, the correspondence between both frameworks and the allocation of ECVET points on partners' national systems.

◉ TRUST IO1 Report on Co-creation Workshop: TRUST IO1 File